For clients who wish to delegate management of their portfolio, portfolio management fees are a retainer flat-fee.  The fee is calculated based on net worth, income, investment assets and complexity of the client situation.


Working Together 

  • When clients choose to have Financially In Tune manage their investments, accounts will be opened at either Fidelity Investments or Charles Schwab.
  • We will jointly determine how aggressive or conservative your investments will be managed and will sign an Investment Policy Statement confirming the investment direction in writing.  If there are any securities not to be sold, that will also be in writing in the Investment Policy Statement.
  • Investments are selected by Financially In Tune and trades are made on the client’s behalf.
  • Statements will be sent monthly from the custodian.  Trade confirmations can either be sent immediately or quarterly from the custodian.
  • Fees are deducted from accounts at Fidelity Investments or Charles Schwab, Inc. quarterly in advance.
  • Quarterly Performance packages will be sent from Financially In Tune, which will include review of the performance of your investments, a summary of the markets during the quarter and an invoice for the upcoming quarter (Financially In Tune fees are debited directly from your accounts).
  • Financially In Tune will assist you in the implementation of financial planning recommendations as needed.
  • Rebalancing of portfolios is ongoing as needed executed by Financially In Tune.
  • Financially In Tune prefers to meet at least annually with clients either in person or remotely.  However, we are always available to communicate with and meet with clients on financial issues as they arise and an annual review should be considered a minimum.


Special Services

College Planning

We have partnered with Strategies for College and the SAGE Tuition Rewards Program.  The two related, but separate entities provide clients with the following:

  • ProPlan Strategies for College–online tools to help parents plan and select colleges
  • SAGE Tuition Rewards–a tuition discount program (similar to frequent flier miles) that allows Financially In Tune clients access to tuition discounts at over 300 colleges in the U.S.

Socially Responsible Investing

Some clients may be interested in socially responsible funds.

We have researched in this area to help find you the most appropriate investments.