• Why should I work with Financially in Tune?

    While there is a myriad of information available for do-it-yourself financial planning and investment management, the issues are complex. Financially in Tune can help sort through the noise, develop strategies relevant to your circumstances and coordinate all aspects of your financial life to achieve your ultimate goals.

  • How is Financially in Tune different from other firms?

    We are an independent, fee-only financial planning firm that serves our clients in a fiduciary capacity – all of our recommendations are what we believe to be in the client’s best interest. We do not have the conflict of selling financial products. Jeanne, Philip and Mandy are all owners/principals of the firm.

  • What type of clients do you work with?

    Financially in Tune works with clients who appreciate professional financial guidance and recognize the enormous financial impact over time of partnering with a financial advisor. We work with young and old clients, those with significant assets and those with modest portfolios.

    We work with clients who live throughout the US as well as overseas.

  • Do you have account minimums?

    No. We do not require a minimum. However, clients with less substantial resources may prefer to work with us on an hourly basis.

  • Do you sell insurance?

    No, we do not sell insurance. We can coordinate the insurance process.  We calculate your insurance needs and provide recommendations to insurance providers or you can work with your existing insurance providers.

  • Do you prepare estate planning documents?

    No. We are not attorneys, so we do not prepare or update estate documents. We can coordinate with your attorney or recommend local attorneys best suited to your situation.

  • Do you prepare tax returns?

    No. We do not prepare taxes, but we do develop tax strategies, as they are integral to financial planning and investment management. We may coordinate with client’s tax professionals as needed.

  • Will you manage my 401(k)/403(b) plan at work?

    Yes. We will recommend the appropriate allocation within your work retirement plan given the investment options available to you. For clients who hire us to manage their portfolios, we can include work retirement plans in the overall portfolio management and in quarterly reporting, however we will contact the client to execute any changes based on our recommendations.

  • What does Fee-only Mean?

    We are paid directly by our client and do not accept any commissions for selling financial products, services, or investments. We are advice driven, putting us on the same side as our client.

  • What does Fiduciary mean?

    We believe that financial planning services should be provided with fiduciary accountability and transparency, serving the client's best interest first and always. We shall:

    • Always act in good faith and with candor.
    • Be proactive in disclosing any conflicts of interest that may impact a client.
    • Not accept any referral fees or compensation contingent upon the purchase or sale of a financial product. For example, if we recommend another professional to you (CPA or estate planning attorney), we do not receive any referral fees.