Financially In Tune offers a complementary initial consultation. During the consultation, we will determine together whether Financially In Tune offers a good fit for your financial needs.

Please contact us to set up an initial consultation.

Initial meeting

  • During the initial meeting we will discuss your goals and your financial resources to meet those goals. 
  • What to bring to the meeting – it is helpful to bring the following questionnaire as well as:
    • Tax Return – most recent
    • Investment Statements – IRA, 401(k), 403(b), non-retirement
    • Employee Benefits
    • Social Security Earnings Benefit Statement 
    • Pension information
    • Debt information (mortgage, student loans, etc.)


At the end of our meeting, you will be given a proposal outlining the scope of the services and the fees. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning & Portfolio Management

For clients who prefer a comprehensive working relationship – Financially In Tune will provide a proposal for comprehensive financial planning and the management of assets. 
Fees are quoted based on an annual fixed fee, charged quarterly in advance, and debited directly from accounts held at the custodian (either Fidelity Investments or Charles Schwab).

Project/Hourly Consultation

For clients preferring a limited engagement, the proposal will state the scope of the project, fees to develop recommendations for you and any additional documents needed. 
We quote a fixed project fee based on the estimated number of hours at our current rate of $300 per hour. Project fees are typically $1,200 - $6,000. Payment is due when recommendations are presented.

Next Steps and Working Together

Once you return a signed agreement we can begin work to:

  • Collect additional financial information, if needed (Client) 
  • Analyze and evaluate your current financial status (Financially in Tune)
  • Develop a financial plan, investment strategy and recommendations based upon your goals (Financially in Tune)
  • Implement and monitor strategies

At least two weeks are needed to analyze your information and develop recommendations customized to your situation.

Meet to Present Recommendations

Financially In Tune will present written recommendations and step-by-step instructions for implementation.   


Comprehensive Financial Planning & Portfolio Management Clients

Financially In Tune will provide assistance with the implementation of financial planning recommendations.  We also provide on-going investment portfolio management consistent with an agreed upon Investment Policy Statement and provide quarterly performance reporting of your total portfolio. 
We also will work closely, as needed, with a client’s other professionals such as a CPA, insurance agent or estate planning attorney.   

Project/Hourly Consultation Clients

Financially In Tune does not assist in any of the implementation of financial planning or portfolio recommendations.  We do not provide professional management or oversight of client’s portfolio.


For project/hourly consultations, once recommendations are reviewed and questions answered the project is considered complete. If clients want to return for updates, it is a new engagement and another hourly/project fee will be charged.  It is up to the client to contact Financially in Tune for a new appointment.  Some clients choose to come in regularly for an annual update, others come more sporadically.

For clients engaged in the comprehensive financial planning & portfolio management relationship, Financially In Tune is proactive in providing updates, available for unlimited phone calls, e-mails and typically meets with clients no less than annually.