For clients who want guidance on specific issues, whether it be a review of their portfolio, a retirement projection or recommendations on savings for a specific goal, such as college. Fees are charged based on the number of hours at the rate of $300/hour.


Typical Projects

Cost often ranges from $1,200 to $6,000. Samples of the types of projects include:

Younger Clients

  • Road map for establishing priorities to balance paying down debt (often student loans) with saving for near-term goals and longer-run goals, such as house purchase and retirement, college savings strategies
  • Plans to protect from “What If's” – appropriate life insurance, disability insurance, estate plan
  • Establishment of investment plan to achieve goals


  • Determination if you are on track for a comfortable retirement
  • Evaluation of the optimal timing to commence Social Security and/or pensions
  • Optimal strategy to fund conflicting goals – paying for children’s college and saving for retirement
  • Prepare for “What If’s” – is life insurance still needed, what about long-term care insurance?
  • Aligning investment plan to reflect goals

Already Retired

  • How to withdraw from savings to balance a comfortable lifestyle with low risk of running out of money
  • Development of tax sensitive strategies for drawing upon assets
  • Prepare for “What If’s” – is estate plan in order, long-term care
  • Aligning investment plan to reflect goals


Working Together

Developing Recommendations
Once your data is received, we will set another time to meet. Often only one meeting is needed to present recommendations.   At least two weeks are needed to analyze your information and develop recommendations customized to your situation.

Meeting to Present Recommendations
Financially In Tune will present written recommendations and step by step instructions for implementation. The client is responsible for implementing the recommendations

Once recommendations are reviewed and questions answered, if clients want to return to Financially In Tune for updates, it is a new engagement and another hourly project fee will be charged. It is up to the clients to contact Financially in Tune for a new appointment. Some clients choose to come in regularly for an annual update, others come more sporadically.


Getting Started

Financially In Tune offers a complimentary initial consultation.  During the consultation, we will determine together whether Financially In Tune offers a good fit for your financial needs.

Initial Meeting

  • During the first meeting we will discuss your goals and your financial resources to meet those goals. It is helpful, but not required to bring relevant information to our initial meeting – such as tax returns, investment statements and insurance documents. This helps provide a clear understanding of your financial situation
  • At the end of our meeting, you will be given a proposal outlining the scope of the services and the cost. Some clients prefer a project limited in scope and others may want a comprehensive relationship where financial planning is ongoing and investments are managed by Financially In Tune.

Hourly Consultation

The proposal will state the scope of the project, cost to develop recommendations for you and any other documents needed. A fixed project cost will be quoted based on the estimated number of hours. Payment is not due until recommendations are presented.


Special Services

College Planning

We have partnered with Strategies for College and the SAGE Tuition Rewards Program.  The two related, but separate entities provide clients with the following:

  • ProPlan Strategies for College–online tools to help parents plan and select colleges
  • SAGE Tuition Rewards–a tuition discount program (similar to frequent flier miles) that allows Financially In Tune clients access to tuition discounts at over 300 colleges in the U.S.

Socially Responsible Investing

Some clients may be interested in socially responsible funds.

We have researched in this area to help find you the most appropriate investments.